There is an official Java driver for Neo4j. To use it, put the following in your Maven pom.xml file:


Usage example:

Driver driver = ( "bolt://", AuthTokens.basic( "username", "password" ) );
Session session = driver.session();
StatementResult rs = "CREATE (n) RETURN n" );

More information on using Neo4j with Java

Other Java libraries

  • Spring Data Neo4j - this library provides convenient access to Neo4j including object mapping, Spring Data repositories, conversion, transaction handling, etc.

  • neo4j-ogm - a fast object-graph mapping library for Neo4j

  • Clojure: Neocons - an idiomatic, feature rich Clojure client for Neo4J REST API

  • Scala: AnormCypher - Cypher-oriented Scala library for Neo4j Server (REST)

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