What's a Graph Database?

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What is Cypher?

Cypher is an open graph query language that Neo4j uses. If you're familiar with SQL, you'll find Cypher to be similar. Neo Technologies has good resources on learning Cypher.

Enterprise vs Community Edition

By default our graph instances run Neo4j Enterprise Edition. The other edition is Community, which older customers may be running.

Both editions feature:

  • Property Graph Model

  • Native Graph Processing & Storage

  • ACID compliance

  • Cypher – Graph Query Language


  • High-Performance Native API ("Bolt")

  • HTTPS support

Enterprise Edition adds:

  • Clustered Replication (High-availability cluster support)

  • Hot Backups (Graph Story automatically backs-up Enterprise instances daily, weekly, and monthly)

  • Enterprise Lock Manager

  • Cache Sharding

  • Cypher Query Tracing

  • Property Existence Constraints

Enterprise Edition is not open source, and requires a license. Graph Story is a Neo4j Solution Partner, and licenses are included in the Graph Story subscription cost. License cost varies based on the size of the company.

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