At any time, you can import or export data from your Neo4j instance. Importing always requires Neo4j to restart.

  1.  Under the "Actions" menu for the desired graph instance, select the "Import & Export" option

2. Next, create a ZIP file containing the contents of your Neo4j database folder.

. For example, if your database folder name is graph.db, you should select all the files within the graph.db folder and put them in the root of the ZIP file.

NOTE: The max size for import is 3.0GB

3. In the "Import" section, click the "Choose File" button and select the Zip file you created in step #2.

4. Click on the Upload Import File button

5. Wait for the upload to complete (large files may take some time, based on your network upload speeds

6.  Once the import is completed, you will receive an email indicating that the import finished.  This normally takes a few minutes to process completely.

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