There are a few things that make hosting with Graph Story better than a DIY approach:

First, we worry about all the stuff related to managing the server and the graph database itself – we do all the ops stuff for you, including backups. This is all included in our costs. If your time is worth any amount of money – and it is – Graph Story pays for itself very quickly.

Second, we include a Neo4j Enterprise license in the cost. As a cloud hosting partner with Neo Technologies, we can offer the licenses as part of our fees at a significantly lower cost than getting a license on your own. You can't do hot backups or clustering without a Neo4j Enterprise.

Third, we have the best support in this market, including strong Neo4j expertise. Our CEO wrote the book "Practical Neo4j." Our mean initial response time to all inquiries is 2 minutes as of March 27, 2017. We are here to solve your problems and make you look awesome.

Finally, if you need help doing work for your application that uses Neo4j, we have a strong professional services team with lots of expertise in building graph based applications. Whether you need help getting up to speed with Neo4j or help building a multi-cloud cluster, we can do it.

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